Yoghurt Cheese and Whey Recipe

This is a successful recipe! It is from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. I used Yeo Valley Natural Yoghurt, and produced cream cheese, (which tastes a bit like Philadelphia, but better) and whey which is useful in loads of recipes.


You need to set up a bowl with a sieve on top, (I used a plastic one have read this is better when making kefir), and line it with muslin or cheesecloth. Then just take some yoghurt, (about 250g is a good amount, you can use more), put it on top of the fabric, and put a plate on top. Wait several hours, until the whey and yoghurt cheese separate, then tie up the cloth and hang over the bowl using a wooden spoon until the whey stops dripping. Then put in jars in the fridge. The yoghurt cheese should last about a month, and the whey about 6 months. Brilliant!

This can also be made with raw milk, pimma milk or buttermilk, see http://thenourishingcook.com/1-whey-cool/#more-37.

I tried it with raw milk, I thought it was ok, but my husband said it tasted like gone off milk and wouldn’t eat it!

Give it a go, I really recommend this recipe!

Sugar Free First Birthday Party

As part of our new diet regime I felt it was important to follow these principles through to Rowan’s First Birthday party. We had 30 adults coming and 16 children ranging from 0-7. We get most food from Riverford, so it is organic. What we decided to do was pulled pork (with a recipe from ‘I Quit Sugar’ by Sarah Wilson), crackling, chipolatas, white and brown rolls, salad, cucumber and carrot sticks with houmous dip, grated cheese, quiche, vegetarian sausage rolls, melon slices,  strawberries, raspberries, sugar free jelly, carob brownies made from ‘The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook for Children’ by Sally Fallon Morrell, imageand for the cake I made a coconut cake with date and cashew frosting from ‘The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Childcare’ by the same author. I decorated this with blueberries, and beeswax candles. For drinks we had coconut water, filtered water, sparkling water, apple juice, and tropical juice.

Seemed to go down well! Some of the principles were relaxed a bit, e.g. the juice, but the tropical juice went down the fastest, and was the best quality I could get. Given more time I would have made popcorn, homemade the quiche and sausage rolls, made sourdough rolls, gelatin jiggers and made lacto-fermented Oringina. However I felt I did quite well within the constraints of looking after a clingy one year old! Sugar free can be done! Although was quite tiring, was up until 11:30 the night before making brownies!

I tried to keep with biodegradable decorations too, streamers, pom poms, imagelatex balloons, happy birthday hessian bunting and cardboard piñata. The piñata presents were wooden toys, and parce the parcel had sugar free dried fruit sweets as presents. We had a paddling pool filled with balloons, a kids room and outside toys. Hope this gives some ideas! Would have also taken more pictures of the food if I was a bit better organised!