Baby Led Pottying

We have been practising baby led pottying/Elimination Communication/EC part time, since Rowan was about 3 months old. He does wear nappies, but I used to hold him on the potty when I did a nappy change, or thought he wanted a poo. We found he got on best with a vintage child chamber pot, with a potty cosy round the top, so it was comfortable. We have gone through phases of more catches, or more misses. He was doing quite well up until age one, but then went through a stage of more misses, and not wanting to sit on there, as he got more mobile.

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However we have had a turning point recently, from about 15 months when he started to enjoy books more, and it became potty reading time. He has also started to to do the sign for potty the last few days, at 16 months. Although, sometimes after a poo! We have been doing the born ready chest slap, which seems to work well!

Overall I think in some ways it has been more work, but I think Rowan will potty train earlier than some other toddlers, so hopefully less nappies! It has also meant less poo scraping of nappies! I think it has helped him keep awareness of when he wants a wee/poo, and I think he prefers it to nappies. I know not many people do this in England, but I would say give it a go! Click here for recommended reading.