Nourishing Traditions – Traditional Foods

I came across the Weston A Price Foundation when I was trying to find the best way to wean my little boy. The main advice I had been given was to do ‘Baby Led Weaning’, as promoted by Jill Rapley and Tracey Murkett. I know a lot of people who really liked this approach, but I felt like there was only a limited amount of food he could feed himself at 6 months. This was compounded by the fact I was trying to bring him up as a pescatarian , as I mainly was.

He also used to gag a lot on food, which I found unsettling, and of course throw a lot on the floor. I am a big believer in working with nature, and finding traditional ways of doing things, if they make sense. When trying to find out how babies were weaned before baby porridge and pouches of baby food I came across this book, when he was about 8 or 9 months old:-                   

This really changed my ideas about how to wean my little boy, and what to eat myself. Some of the ideas go against mainstream information, and I don’t want to upset people, but a lot of it rings true to me, and I think it is important to get this information out there if people want  to find it.

The principles of this book are based on the findings of Western A Price, and stress the importance of eating nutrient dense food, and not eating processed food. This is similar to the Paleo diet, in that it promotes traditional foods, but there are differences explained here:-

This led me on to a couple of other books:-

These have become my new current bibles for eating! That may sound a bit dogmatic, and probably is, but I want to get to grips with the principles, and try out the recipes before taking the next leap in my cooking repertoire!

Although I know when I discover something helpful to me I have a tendency to want to convert everyone I know, which isn’t really fair on them, and is something I need to hold back. Everyone is in a different place and only ready to accept information when they are ready.

Also it means I am backtracking because I have been telling everyone it’s great to be a vegetarian for years. Hands up, I don’t know everything! Animal welfare is still a priority for me, but I am trying to think in wider terms.

So I figure the best way to share this information is online, where people can search for it. I am planning to share some of the principles I have learnt, and review recipes as I make them, with tips! I am open to feedback, and connecting with like-minded people.

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