Why Raw Milk is Great!

I have only recently found out the benefits of raw milk, but we are now getting through about 5 litres a week. Before this most recently we were drinking Koko coconut milk, but I am now a bit unsure of the additives in this. It is also meant be be very good while breastfeeding and for children, although the NHS advise against it while pregnant, so do your own research and decide.

We are lucky enough to be in driving distance of a fantastic dairy http://www.the-calf-at-foot-dairy.co.uk, which is just a few miles from Lowestoft.

The cows are 100% pasture fed, and the calves get to keep with their mum until they are weaned, which is a much more compassionate way of doing things. (Not all raw milk producers do this.) It is run by a lovely family who really care for the animals, and for great quality milk. They also sell beef and do mail order.

What is so good about raw milk?

Basically it contains more enzymes, vitamins and probiotics and is easier to digest. Grass fed Jersey and Guensey cows, goats, buffalo and humans produce A2 proteins, which are easier to digest than the A1 proteins from black and white Freisian and Holstein cows, although this is still disputed science.  It also tastes fantastic and has higher welfare standards.

Through the research I have done recently I have also realised that saturated fat is not bad for you, and sugar is much more important reason for weight gain. So don’t worry that it has more cream! Some books on the subject are mentioned here:-

The Weston A Price foundation are running a campaign for raw milk 

This American website sums it up quite well:-

The Weston A. Price foundation (W.A.P.F.) has done a survey showing some people with lactose intolerance can tolerate raw milk, this has certainly been the case with my husband who feels sick after drinking pasteurised milk, but can drink raw milk.

Any drawbacks?

It does cost more than pasteurised supermarket milk, but we have managed to save money in other ways by cutting back on processed foods. In my opinion it is a far superior product than supermarket milk, and it is worth it, to know the cows have the highest welfare standards. At The Calf at Foot Dairy the cows don’t get their calves taken away at birth to be shot or made into veal. I have realised that good producers have to be supported if they are to exist.

The safety of raw milk has been questioned but this is the information from the above W.A.P.F. page:

‘It is very difficult to determine the risk of drinking raw milk on a per-serving basis compared to pasteurized milk and to other foods.  For starters, the risk of illness from all dairy foods, raw and pasteurized, is very low compared to other foods—amounting to only 1 percent of all illnesses.

A government document published in 2003 indicates that on a per-serving basis, deli meats are ten times more likely to cause food-borne illness than raw milk (Listeria Monocytogenes Risk Assessment: Interpretive Summary, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Sept. 2003, page 17).

For an analysis of the comparative safety of raw versus pasteurized milk see Those Pathogens, What You Should Know by Dr. Ted Beals. On a per-serving basis, raw milk is as safe or several times safer than pasteurized milk. See our press release on these findings, Government Data Proves Raw Milk Safe, and this Safety of Raw Milk Summary PowerPoint Presentation.’

I encourage you to all join the raw milk revolution!

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